Marketing Tips for Businesses in Australia

Running a business is never easy and it gets harder when you are trying to reach a specific target audience. Australia, like other developed economies, has a thriving, dynamic and highly competitive market and that means you need an extremely robust marketing strategy and plan.

Not about staying afloat

Running your business does not mean you are merely trying to survive and sustain. It is about building a long-term relationship with your customers and you need to do this right from the get-go. Your marketing strategy will outline what you should and should not do. This makes a big difference because it ensures that you minimize wastage while maximizing your resources in every way possible and that would surely be your game-changer.

Pick your strategy

There will never be a ‘sure-win’ strategy but that does not mean you do not plan. If you want your business to work, your marketing strategy will be crucial. Choose any one below, skew it to your style and see your business plan work.

  • Get in when its hot – It is a great time to start marketing when your business is good because you have cash-flow. This gives you more space to invest in a workable marketing plan and sales funnel. With cash, it beats the time when you do not. This helps to sustain your campaign during the dry season.
  • Know your audience – Always know who your customers are. Start with working out a few customer profiles and then zooming in on them. Work out who your audience is, what their desires are, what they fear and then you can derive the ideal customer. From there, you can start meeting their expectations.
  • Find the carrot on the stick – What you want is to create an offer that your customer cannot refuse. Make your customer want to be part of you. It can be signing-up on email, through a landing page or any form of initiative that can create leads.
  • Start from one – Don’t spread your resources out too thin. Work with one market group first, targeting that one audience group and focusing on what they want, then move your way out. It is not economical to spread your focus to too many groups because you might neglect the one which matters most.
  • Always test – There are many types of marketing strategy tests out there like A/B Testing, Split testing, etc. Take the trouble to know what they can do and then DO THEM! This is essential to ensure that you are not wasting your investment. Meanwhile, always test whatever ad you plan to put out in mass media on the digital platforms. Try out TV commercials on YouTube (or Facebook) and newspaper ads on websites and see if they work.
  • Go out and multiply – If your start of using one channel worked, then it makes sense to expand. This is where you should start cross-channel advertising so that you can have a wider reach and to more segments. After all, you can never survive mastering just one platform. You could have done well with Google Ads, now scale bigger to YouTube Ads and Facebook Advertising.
  • Groom your customers – Selling is your ultimate aim but should NEVER be your first! Let you customers know who you are and what you are all about. Content marketing works wonders here and when they are comfortable with your brand, they might just inadvertently buy from you. Your sales process is about education, not pressuring.
  • Pre-sales is crucial – Bear in mind that your marketing team should be the ones doing the pre-sales. If your marketing campaign worked, then it takes very minimal effort to convert sales. Closign the deal will become fast and easy.
  • Change constantly – Your first plan might work, but it will not stay this way for long. You need to innovate and inject new ideas. If it was 80/20 (Facebook/Instagram) the first time, perhaps it could be 60/20/20 (Facebook/Tiktok/Instagram) this time. Be open to ideas.
  • Know what your customers think – Why would your customers want to buy from you? Is your product all that matters or would they just want to own it? A good product can only get you this far. Knowing what drives them to buy is the last-mile effort that will seal the deal.



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