The latest innovative platform for all your digital marketing campaigns, promotions and reach out to your targeted audiences.

Whatsapp Mobile Marketing would undoubtedly be your first choice to launch effective campaigns with a mass reach. This would surely be your winning solution when it comes to such activities. Do you know why? Let us work with you and we will be more than happy to be of assistance. Call us today!

The Most Effective Marketing tool since 2016 in marketing messaging

It is no surprise that something as simple as a message can be your most creative way to reach new and current customers for your business. Among what you get in Whatsapp Mobile Marketing includes:

The old SMS gives you only 160 characters in a message. With Whatsapp you can go to 500 characters, no problem!

Richer contents as you can attach media like images, videos, YouTube links, and even documents

No additional cost incurred when you do viral sharing

Post-purchase to repeat purchase

Right, now that you have succeed in closing the deal, does this mean the transaction is over? Like any other business transaction, you need to continue to build on this. Now that you customer has bought something from you or established contact through Whatsapp, let them remember how convenient it was.This will surely lead you to repeat purchases in the future. Don’t lose sight of your customers just because they completed a transaction with you. Remind them of who and what you are.

The ROI is Tremendous

It is no surprise that something as simple as a message can be your most creative way to reach new and current customers for your business.

Compliment and be grateful

A follow-up message will do your business a world of good. Your customers would be more than happy to feel appreciated. It is human nature. Send a message or a note to thank them and compliment them for being such great customers. If you can, give them a discount or a promo-code for their last purchase and they will be more than happy to come back again.

Give your customers reasons to come back

Whatsapp marketing can be scheduled and they are very low-cost. If a customer bought something from you through a Whatsapp message, chances are they have no problems coming back again. So, the equation is simple. Once your customer completes a purchase, schedule a follow-up in a week or two. They will come back for more. Sending the message out is simple, you just need to get the right message to the right people.

Who are we and what do we do?

We are a group of digital experts with many years of track record in the global market. We specialize in providing digital solutions, mainly in Whatsapp messaging. This helps our clients to use this revolutionary platform to reach their potential target market as well as their current ones using strategic plans that utilize sound, images and other media.

How we can help you?

We take our services very seriously and regard ourselves as your partners. As such, we will stand with you throughout your entire campaign. This starts from the ideation stage where we help you to conceptualize and come up with cutting-edge ideas. No idea is weak for us and we will build on every idea you have. From there, we will inject our expertise into the relevant areas. This include offering our experience and services where applicable. We do all this while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism. We will hear you out and then work on it. After that, we would like you to hear us out. We will do our best to give you the best solution to your queries and we dare say that, you will not regret it!