Pointers for Marketing to Australians

Is marketing the same everywhere across the world? Would a campaign enjoy equal success in the United States as it would in Asia or other parts of the world? Just because Australia speaks English (with a different accent obviously), would it mean an English ad will appeal to the Australian market?

Not entirely the same

While the language of communication is the same, the Australian market differs in many ways. It does not mean that just because a marketing campaign enjoyed tremendous success in another English-speaking community, it would definitely succeed the same way in Australia. This means that you cannot afford to take a campaign lock-stock and barrel and implement Down Under. There will always be the need to change and modify certain parts here ad there and we outline them for you.

Create a smokescreen

It matters not where your brand is from but if you can create the impression that you are somewhat an Australian brand, half your battle is won. Make no mistake about it! This is not asking you to change the identity of your brand. Coca-Cola will always be American just as Volvo will always be Swedish. The idea is that you create a story that your Australian market wishes that Volvo is Australian or that it is most suitable for the Australian market.

The Australian English Language

You need to be very careful with the language you use in your ads which should (and must!) be in Australian English. Before you take anything from the US, be sure to check their spelling and other English-language related issues. You need to speak Australian English, which is more skewed towards the British counterpart than the American. Hence, be sure to check your ‘s’ and ‘z’ in words like ‘Analyze’ which is American. The Australian English uses the spelling ‘Analyse’. Consumers are aware of and some might not be particular, but it is when you speak their language that you can resonate better with them. Besides that, you must take note of some common jargon that Australians use which might not be common in the US and vice-versa.

Use Australian Humour

Australians are known to have more irreverent and dry humour. Typically, they are exposed to a lot of American sitcoms and comedies that come on the telly or the internet but there are also local comedies that Australians love, having followed them for many years. To do this, your campaign needs to incorporate some form of Australian aspects and this can only be done when you involve local talent in your planning. Some phrases used in Australian humour are practically unheard of in the US, so you might want to use them in your campaigns.

 Go Local all the way

The easiest and fastest way to have a marketing campaign suitable for the Australian market is to work with a local expert. It is after all, one of the fastest-growing and aggressive advertising markets in the world which means you would never be short of talents around. In fact, some of the Australian campaigns have garnered international awards in marketing and communications across the world. You can now easily find freelance talents who can give you valuable input on local culture and practices to inject into your campaign.

Start from the bottom up

In whatever case, it is always good to start from the drawing board. No doubt you can use an existing campaign which was a huge success elsewhere but that should be as far as you should go. First, you cannot afford to copy and paste from another campaign without knowing what your target audience is. The Australian audience can be similar in some ways but entirely different in another. Anyone would always resonate with a local accent which means you have to use Australian talents.


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